Raising our voices in song is one of the most powerful statements we can make.  We need music for our own healing and to offer out to the world.  Let’s see how many voices we can get to join together as the AMTA Conference Choir! We will rehearse after Opening Session on Thursday and then perform outside of the Exhibit Hall at 1:45 on Friday.

Note: the Choir is purposely scheduled at times to allow participation from those who come to conference and tend to work through every possible moment. It is an offering of a short break to sing with your colleagues. It is proof that a momentary musical pause can enliven and inspire our lives.

 These are the songs we will sing. The YouTube versions will give you an idea of the songs only. Our arrangements will be slightly different.

  1.  Light is Returning by Charlie Murphy  (we will do an upbeat version of this song)

2.    This Is My Song by Sibelius/Stone

3.    All The Good by Jana Stanfield*

*NOTE: we will need 4 soloists for this song. Please email me directly if you are interested and can sing in one of the following languages: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew

Email to learn more!


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