A few words from Elizabeth Stegemoller:

I am excited to share information about neuroscience with hands-on activities and brain models, as well as lab based neuroscience research. I am most excited to discuss how lab based research and clinical research can be merged to expand the field of music therapy.

I LOVE neuroscience and I LOVE music therapy, and it has been my career goal to combine the two disciplines. I am an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Neuroscience at Iowa State University and currently have my own lab which includes three EEG systems, wireless EMG, TMS, and many more fun tools. We have been ramping up our research in neuroscience and music therapy over the last three years that I have been at ISU, so I am excited to share what we have learned.
Attendees should enjoy learning about the brain! It is hoped that by the end of this session, attendees will have learned more or have been refreshed (never hurts to review) on neuroscience and be motivated to explore how they can merge their clinical practice and research with those doing lab based neuroscience research.

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