Over the next few weeks and month we will be highlighting the excellent education opportunities available at 2016 National Conference in Sandusky.  Remember, you can register for these CMTE’s at any time, even if you’ve already registered for the conference itself.  We are grateful to all the instructors for providing us videos, graphics, write-ups and extra supplements to ensure you are excited and confident in your continuing ed choices.  Without further adieu…


Today we are excited to introduce you to Jennifer Hicks, MT-BC, Registered Yoga Teacher, of Joyful Noises, LLC.  Jennifer will be the instructor for CMTE N (as in “Nameste”!) Mindful Movement for Music Therapists: Using Yoga for You AND Your Clients!  Take it away, Jennifer!

What will you be sharing?
Many of you already incorporate movement into your self-care routines and music therapy sessions, and I am so excited to give you the opportunity to share your wisdom with each other! This CMTE will then take your practice to the next level, teaching you basic adaptive yoga concepts, mindfulness and breathing exercises, and traditional yoga poses that you can use to intentionally include yoga-based movement in your personal and professional lives. We will begin this CMTE with a series of yoga stretches to warm up your bodies and focus your minds and end with a restorative pose and guided relaxation. In addition, this CMTE will include portions of sample sessions combining adaptive yoga techniques with traditional music therapy interventions such as singing, reminiscence, and drumming.

Where will attendees be able to implement the information you share?
While my practice and adaptive yoga training has focused primarily on adults of all ages, I do have additional training combining yoga and mindful movement with social and emotional goals for children and teens. This CMTE will inspire you to be more intentional about the ways you incorporate mindful movement into all aspects of your life, including your personal self-care practices and your individual and group music therapy assessments and sessions, regardless of population.

Who should attend your class?
ALL are welcome! You may bring a yoga mat or towel – or embrace the benefits of yoga available from a chair! We will discuss and practice ways to adapt all that we learn for a variety of ages and ability levels – including your own! If you have any questions or would like to borrow a yoga mat, contact me at

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Register for CMTE N with Jennifer Hicks, MT-BC, Certified Yoga Instructor HERE.




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