This year at the 2016 American Music Therapy Association national conference, the American Music Therapy Association for Students will host the first-ever National Passages (November 10, 2016). This event will provide students with the opportunity to present or join discussion panels that focus on their education or current issues that students are facing. The mission of a national passages conference is to strengthen student bonds, promote professional development among students, and facilitate student networking. Submissions are available through the AMTAS website

Additionally, the AMTAS President’s Challenge was started 11 years ago as a way for music therapy students to show support for the profession and to thank the professionals who have shown support for the students throughout the years. This year, the AMTAS Executive Board is challenging the regional presidents of AMTAS to bring small items that would be useful for a music therapy practice, such as books, CDs, or small musical instruments to the AMTA Conference in Sandusky, Ohio. These items will  be given to the winner of the President’s Challenge to help him or her start a music therapy practice/program or to supplement a current practice/program.  The AMTAS Executive Board is looking for the next music therapist to receive the 2016 President’s Challenge award!


applicant must be a Board Certified Music Therapist

applicant must register and attend the AMTA 2016 National Conference

applicant must either be starting a music therapy practice/program or running a music therapy practice/program on a limited budget.

applicant must attend the AMTAS Business meeting on Saturday evening of conference weekend to pick up award.

AMTAS will not be responsible for shipping items from the conference to your practice/program. If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in winning this year’s award please fill out the application at the link below. All applications are due by October 14th by midnight. If you have any questions please contact Rachel Pinto at  Submissions are available through the AMTAS website

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