We’re back with today’s #reasonstoattendAMTA16 in Sandusky, Ohio this November.  Be sure to follow @AMTAnatcon on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest and shout out your top reasons for attending #AMTA16.  Here’s today’s reason:

CMTE Credit

Not only do you get 5 CMTE’s for just attending conference but you can get upwards of half the required 100 CMTE credits to maintain your certification through CBMT.  Janice Lindstorm, a music therapist hailing from Texas, blogs regularly on this topic and the like.  Last year she articulated all the ways you could earn CMTE credit by attending AMTA National Conference breaking down registration costs by CMTE credit.  Last year you could earn upwards of 40 CMTE credits for as low as $13.50 per credit!  (We’re secretly hoping Janice will write a post breaking down #AMTA16 conference costs by CMTE credit this year, too!)  You can read her inspiring post here.  We hope this helps you value all you can get from attending conference!  How do YOU plan to earn CMTE credit at #AMTA16 this year?!  Be sure to check out the available CMTE courses (some of which are FREE!) and register online NOW to secure your spot and save on registration costs.  #AMTA16 Early Bird Registration ends on August 3, 2016!

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