The 2015 AMTA conference will offer 21 great CMTE courses on Thursday, November 12 and Saturday, November 14. See the course listing on the AMTA website for full descriptions and fees and to register. Please check your courses carefully before registering to make sure their times don’t conflict. Here’s a quick rundown of the offerings:


5-credit hour courses held November 12, 7:30 am -12:30 pm.


5-credit hour classes held November 12, 1:30-6:30pm:

  • CMTE N. Supervising the National Roster Music Therapy Intern. FREE to current 2015 AMTA members registered for the conference. Presenters: Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC, AIAC Chair; Eve Montague, MSM, MT-BC; Matthew Phillips, LCSW, LMSW, MT-BC; Lauren DiMaio, MMT, MT-BC; Kimberly Hawkins, MS, MT-BC; Kay Luedtke-Smith, MT-BC; Amy Smith, CCLS, MT-BC; Manal Toppozada, MA, MT-BC/L.


3-credit hour course held November 12, 7:30-10:30am:


3-credit hour course held November 12, 1:30-4:30pm:


3-credit hour course held Saturday, November 14, 2:30-5:30pm – current 2015 AMTA members registered for the conference may select one course FREE:

  • CMTE T. Professional Supervision: Why It’s Important and How You Can Get It. Presenters: Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC; Petra Kern, PhD, MTA, DMtG, MT-BC; Meredith Pizzi, MT-BC; Andrea Dalton, MM, MT-BC; Megan Resig, MT-BC; Blythe LaGasse, PhD, MT-BC; Lisa Kynvi, MA, MT-BC; Cindy Ropp, EdD, MT-BC; Laura Brown, PhD, MT-BC; Kyle Wilhelm, MA, MT-BC; Feilin Hsiao, PhD, MT-BC; Courtney Biddle, MT-BC; Libbie Roberts, MT-BC; Gretchen Chardos Benner, LMSW, MT-BC.
  • CMTE U. Pieces of the Puzzle: LGBTQI Topics Explored. Presenters: Annette Whitehead-Pleaux, MA, MT-BC; Xueli Tan, MM, MT-BC; Leah Oswanski, MA, LPC, MT-BC; Amy Donnenwerth, MA, MT-BC; Beth Robinson, MT-BC; Michele Forinash, DA, LMHC, MT-BC; Maureen Hearns, MA, MT-BC; Spencer Hardy, MT-BC.



Find courses that interest you? Head over to AMTA’s website to register for them now! Don’t forget to check out the Institutes & Special Trainings offered at the Kansas City conference too.

Remember to check the CBMT Recertification Manual for other ways to earn CMTE credits at conference, including the 5 CMTE credit for attending (max 15 credits/cycle), presenting, attending sessions in umbrella groupings, and serving on committees, boards & task forces.


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