Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy Training
Thursday November 6, 2014


Jayne M. Standley, PhD, MT-BC

Andrea Cevasco, PhD, MT-BC; Judy Nguyen Engel, MM, MT-BC; Lori Gooding, PhD, MT-BC; Ellyn Hamm, MM, MT-BC; Miriam Hillmer, MME, MT-BC; Jessy Rushing, MM, MT-BC; Darcy DeLoach, PhD, MT-BC; Natalie Wlodarczyk, PhD, MT-BC; Olivia Swedberg Yinger, PhD, MT-BC


What will you be sharing?

The National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy offers the most highly specialized training for providing reimbursable music therapy clinical services in Level

III Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and allows persons completing the requirements to receive a certificate stating the same and to use the initials NICU MT as a designation of specialized training. This institute comprises one of the 3 requirements for this specialized training and consists of 8 CMTE hours of intensive classroom training. This institute is available to MT interns and Board Certified Music Therapists. The complete specialized training course may not be completed until Board Certification is documented.

We present instruction in cutting edge, evidence-based clinical applications of music therapy use for premature infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and feature the most prominent researchers in the field, see above.

What is your experience with this topic?

I have been researching this topic for 20 years resulting in many books and refereed research articles in medical journals, designed and direct the institute that has trained hundreds of MTs. NICU nurses, and neonatologists from around the world, and have assisted NICU-MT trained individuals to implement new programs in NICUs throughout the US and in some international countries. Our institute is a pre-approved CMTE provider.

Where will attendees be able to implement the information you share?

In specialized NICU programs and in children’s hospitals.

Tell us something that makes your CMTE unique or different?

The content of this CMTE has a very prolific and strong research base which is critical in receiving permission to implement NICU MT programs.  It also provides detailed instruction for physician based referrals and reimbursement procedures with research data showing that insurance reimbursement more than pays for the cost of the NICU-MT position.

Why is this topic of interest to you?

This topic is my passion since MT is so powerful in improving the lives of premature infants during NICU care. We have research-based protocols for MT provided to the infant to reduce ventilation time, to assist with feeding, and to enhance neurologic and language development.  We also provide training for parents in the use of music for infant attachment, stress relief, and early intervention.

Who should attend your class?

MT-BC therapists who wish to specialize in NICU-MT, interns who intend to take the MT-BC test within a year, NICU medical personnel.

What kind of information will attendees be walking away with?

  • A book providing the research base for this topic, programmatic protocols and documentation, reimbursement procedures
  • A powerpoint updating and providing the most current information in the area of NICU-MT
  • Demonstration of clinical procedures/videotapes
  • Access to the other 2 areas of training for this specialty: hands on clinical training in the NICU and final test over written materials


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