Dwyer is an articulate speaker you won’t want to miss at #AMTA16 this year!  Evidence-Based Practice is crucial to our clinical work as music therapists.  Read on for a few words from Dwyer:

Having an Evidence-Based Practice is important, being a point of emphasis, not only in our profession, but other allied health professions as well.  However, EBP can certainly have its challenges.  While a lot of emphasis is put on the Research component of EBP, both our Client(s) and our clinical expertise are equally important and striking a balance between all three can be tough.  I have been fortunate to have worked clinically in a major hospital, a community based setting and, for the past 5 years, owned a successful Music Therapy practice.  I have been equally fortunate to be part of a research team, helping to design and implement controlled Music Therapy research. Through these lenses I offer my experience and knowledge in helping to expand upon our understanding of Evidence Based Practice and working to strike a better balance between each of the three areas of EBP for the betterment of our clients and our profession.  I look forward to seeing you in Sandusky.

To register for CMTE T: EBP Toolkit with Dwyer Conklyn click here.

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