CMTE B: Creating Marketing, and Developing a Successful Music Therapy Program for Older Adults
Thursday November 6, 2014


Meredith Hamons Headshot

Meredith Harmons, MT-BC


What will you be sharing?

I will be sharing specific marketing strategies, scripts, and techniques that have proven to be effective when starting contract music therapy services in a variety of senior communities and day programs. I will also share HOW to develop a successful program step by step and over 100 intervention ideas for use in a music therapy program with older adults.

What is your experience with this topic? (Why can you teach it?)

I started my own music therapy business focusing on providing services to older adults four years ago.  The business is hugely successful and the program I created for seniors is currently published and available from West Music, Music is Elementary and Amazon.

Where will attendees be able to implement the information you share?

Attendees should be able to implement what they have learned on MONDAY in older adult communities they currently work in or older adult communities they wish to work in.

Tell us something that makes your CMTE unique or different.

The emphasis of this CEU is entirely practical and everything participants learn they should be able to implement immediately. This CMTE will contain a lot of practical session ideas and interventions as well as a step by step guide to creating a successful program from no leads or contracts.

Why is this topic of interest to you?

I absolutely love what I do and I think there is a need for more practical resources for both music therapy students and professionals.

Who should attend your class?

Anyone who currently works with older adults or wants to work with older adults.

What kind of information will attendees be walking away with?

A marketing plan to increase their contracts with older adult communities and day programs, a step-by step guide to creating their program including an idea on when certain tasks should be completed, resources they will need, etc. as well as numerous intervention ideas to use once their program is established.


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