CMTE U: Community-Based Music Therapy: Taking it to the Streets
Thursday, November 6th 1:30 – 6:30pm



Manal Toppozada, MA, MT-BC/L


What will you be sharing?

I will be sharing my expertise as the founder and executive director of the only nonprofit music therapy agency in Nevada. Attendees will learn the ins and outs of how to bring music therapy to people of all ages and abilities in all sorts of settings. I will also help attendees develop strategies for designing and implementing innovative programs that meet the needs of their specific communities.
 What is your experience with this topic? 

I have clinical and administrative experience with this topic, and have also presented both a concurrent session and a CMTE at two separate WRAMTA conferences. I am extremely passionate about the potential for music therapy to be used in diverse communities across the country! I truly believe that if we think creatively there is no limit to the impact we can have on the lives of those around us.
Where will attendees be able to implement the information you share?

Attendees will be able to implement the information in their own communities in a variety of ways. They can use the ideas to enhance their existing jobs, even if they work in non-community based settings. Attendees can use the information to expand their current services by thinking outside the box about who they could possibly collaborate with in their communities. They can also use the information in the planning process if they are thinking of starting their own private practice or music therapy agency.
Tell us something that makes your CMTE unique or different.

This will be a truly interactive session! I will share my own experiences, both good and bad, along with video clips and concrete examples of how music therapists are making their presence known in communities throughout the country.
Why is this topic of interest to you?

I believe that everyone – regardless of age or ability – should have access to music therapy. I believe that music can change lives. We as music therapists are uniquely qualified to identify the needs in our own communities and devise creative ways to use music to meet those needs!
Who should attend your class?

Any music therapist who is interested in integrating music therapy into their communities.
What kind of information will attendees be walking away with?

Attendees will receive a packet with worksheets and a planning guide for them to incorporate session concepts into their own practices.

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