Today we highlight another one of the great continuing education opportunities at the 2015 AMTA conference. Remember, even if you’ve already registered for the conference itself, you can still register for CMTEs. Conference is getting closer, so sign up soon!



CMTE L: Behind the Music: Effective Songwriting Strategies with Insight from a Parent and Live Performance

Angela Neve, MT‑BC, Andrea Moriarty, and Reid Moriarty

Thursday, November 12, 1:30-6:30 pm (5 credits)




Learn and practice songwriting strategies and how to use them with and for various clients. This hands-on workshop will present four specific and effective techniques from the life of one client with autism. Participants will have opportunity to write songs themselves and hear a young man on the autism spectrum perform songs demonstrating each technique. A parent’s perspective on the power of songwriting, maximizing family engagement, vocational purpose, and community inclusion will also be included.


Learner Objectives:

  • Identify 4 different songwriting techniques/tools to teach social skills, academics and language to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders for music as therapy.
  • Identify 4 different elements that make up effective songwriting for use of music in therapy.
  • Discuss and understand the long-term application of using songwriting in the life of a client and how that can lead to vocational purpose for the client.



Angela Neve is a board-certified neurologic music therapist, songwriter and co-owner of MTCCA. She has been working for over 14 years and has published several products for individuals with special needs.

Andrea Moriarty is a founding board member of Banding Together, a music therapy nonprofit. She blogs at and has written a book titled One-Track Mind: 15 Ways to Amplify Your Child’s Special Interest.

Reid Moriarty is a charismatic performer on keyboard and vocals and the host of the podcast Talk Time with Reid Moriarty. He just released Purple Party, a CD about colors. His contagious sense of joy breaks through social barriers to inspire.


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  1. We’re super excited to share our experiences from the last 14 years with everyone in KC. Hope to see you Thursday afternoon…(or Friday for the abridged version)

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