Tracy Wanamaker and JoAnn Jordan know what it’s like to stand alone in their quest to advocate, educate and provide music therapy services in their rural communities.  Read on to learn the valuable insight they plan to share at their CMTE this November.  You don’t want to miss it!

While a 7:30AM start time can be rough, it is worth your while to roll out of bed Thursday, November 10th for CMTE L: A Survival Guide for Rural Music Therapists.  Working as a music therapist in a rural environment has its blessings and its challenges. With over 25 years of experience between us, we have experienced a majority of them and would like to share our experiences, successes, and solutions with you!  We will cover a wide variety of topics including how to handle nosey neighbors and other ethical issues, wildlife and weather, balancing work and travel, handling the challenges of limited support structures and many other issues that can create unique challenges in a rural setting. Whether you currently live rural or are thinking about providing music therapy services in a rural area in the future, you’ll walk away with lots of thought provoking ideas on survival skills and ethics (including 2 hours of ethics credit!). Drawing upon their combined 25+ years of rural service, Tracy Wanamaker and JoAnn Jordan will guide a lively interactive discussion.

To register for CMTE L:  A Survival Guide for the Rural Music Therapist, click here.

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